About us

About Us

MLD Technologies is a trade name for MLD Science Engineering and Technology (Pty) Ltd, which is a company that was founded in 2013 to provide science, engineering and technology-related services and products.

Our vision is to be the house of Technology and Innovation in Eastern Cape Province, and our mission is to offer services and products that will stimulate interest and development in Science and Technology.

Our motto is “Putting theory into practice”, and in order to ensure the latter, MLD Technologies design and supply laboratory equipment for science and technology. We also stock electronic components and develop single-sided printed circuit board up to 20 square cm for building electronic prototypes and projects for students and hobbysts.

To guarantee lower prices, we source our products all over the globe, and for our own developed products we make sure that we design to meet our customers’ requirements.

Additional to the aforementioned services and products, MLD Technologies also go around promoting science and technology in high schools.